When choosing swimming goggles, you should avoid wasting money which is not necessary for expensive ones that your training doesn’t need. When learning how to swim, the role of swimming goggles is just to help you practice to open your eyes to see the water while diving. While swimming has become your regular exercise sport, which means you go swimming at least 3 days a week, then the swimming goggles have become your “eye”. You will be extremely uncomfortable when the glass gets into the water, the glass is blurry while you are trying to swim. At that time, please shop for yourself a better swimming goggles to help your swimming practice more exciting.

If you are a professional swimmer or practice swimming regularly: choose the type of swimming goggles with the word “Competitive” or “Training”. In the market, it is clear that the competitive and training glasses are different. Training goggles focus on comfort when swimming for a long time. In contrast, competitive ones focus on compactness, water resistance and a bit of fashion.
Professional swimming goggles for athletes in the market are: SPEEDO (Fastskin, Vanquisher), ARENA (Cobra line), FINIS (Lightning series, Strike). Occasionally you will find swimming goggles without rubber gaskets that are popular with professional swimmers. This type has its own name as “Swedish glasses” (Swedish goggles). Although there is no rubber gasket, this type of glass can resist water by selecting the appropriate glass cup and adjusting the distance between the two lenses so that it fits in the eye socket.

If you are a new swimmer or do not practice swimming regularly: choose a swimming goggles with the words “Recreational” or “Leisure”. Swimming goggles brands have products for this audience. In addition to the three well-known brands above, the popular and popular swimming glass brands in the market nowadays are: YINGFA, VIEW, PHOENIX.