Swimming is gradually becoming the hottest sport for the youth. Currently, not only young people but also more children and elders join swimming courses. However, when swimming, you need to keep in mind the following 4 basic things to ensure safety for your health.

Warm up before swimming

When participating in swimming classes you are guided to basic warm-up movements to warm your body before entering the water. However, many people often overlook this activity, so when they come to the pool, they often get cramps. Ideally, you should warm up your whole body for at least 10-15 minutes before starting to swim to relax muscles and help you swim better.

Drink water before swimming

People often assume that when underwater, the body will not sweat, so it is not necessary to drink water when swimming. In fact, swimming makes the body lose more water than other sports because the parts must operate continuously with great intensity. When participating in swimming classes, the teacher may not say this to you, but you must find yourself a water bottle to drink before and after swimming.

Clean the ears after swimming

Ears are the most infectious part of swimming. Leaving swimming pool water in the ear and not clean after swimming can lead to middle ear infection and many other diseases. Therefore, you should clean your ears well after leaving the pool. You must immediately wipe the water out of the ear to minimize the ear infection.
Bathe thoroughly after swimming
Pools contain chlorine and many bacteria and harmful dust and dirt. Therefore, when participating in swimming classes or anywhere you have to apply a layer of sunscreen before going into the lake to create a better protective layer of skin. After swimming, immediately bathe to remove dirt, detergent on skin to prevent skin irritation and risk of infection.