With 2 rounds of fat, always the women feel lack of confidence in swimming or going to the beach, because they cannot wear a bikini to reveal their fat belly, nor can they wear such clothes to swim.

But now you will not need to worry about swimming pool Huong Diep will help you choose the best suit, best suited to limit the disadvantages on your body.

1. Tankini swimwear

For girls who do not like the back, want to cover the belly very much like to use for the beach season, tankini is considered a gentle version of the bikini. It is also a 2-piece, but the bikini is very sexy with the wearer exposing all his flesh, while tankini is more discreet with the abdomen covered by a long dress.

Tankini is very popular because it helps the owner cover the shortcomings of the body, helping girls with imperfect appearance without lack of confidence in the beach. Although not revealing, the tankini is also very attractive, so you can rest assured that the tankini is a costume that helps you hide the bad parts and show off the attractive parts of the body.

The classic style of modern combination of discreet retro one-piece swimsuit is very enthusiastically received by the fashion village, although this product line has appeared for a long time but today it is being used with The stylized, with the aim of exalting the feminine features for girls, not only that still gives girls sexy charm.

And no matter what type of shirt you choose, you need to pay attention to the belly must have horizontal or vertical drapery lines, because if your waist is sewn flat, it will show others the bread waist. yours. Or if you do not like the lines, choose the clothes with floral motifs to deceive the eyes of the viewer.