3. Instant shirt pattern

If you want to hide your fat belly, then simply use a thick, complicated suit, this will make the person on the face more prone to eye problems and more difficult to detect the abdomen. Or try to choose the stripes, sarcasm, checkers that are trendy today.

4. Duckling swimsuit

This style is extremely suitable for girls who have a big round and small round. With the dirt road, it will help you hide the fat roads but also make the viewers feel more happy. However, if your body is short and round, you should not try this style.

5. Swimming shirt with a spread skirt

With a small skirt spread at the waist, will bring privacy to the wearer. Round 2 is cut into A-shape, sewn wide and spread toward the side. Or you can choose the type of scab with upper hug, lower spread, or hug the body from top to bottom but the sides of the ribs have pleated lines to create folds across the abdomen. At that time, you will look smaller and more adorable, completely covering the obnoxious belly fat.

6. Austria swimsuit

With this type of swimsuit, it is no different from a normal dress, it can help you completely cover your belly fat, and help you operate more comfortably due to the spaciousness.

7. Jump suit style swimwear

With this shape, the waist is quite high, plus the tight waist so you can feel confident about hiding your fat belly, on the other hand, it also helps your waist look full.

8. Bikini high waistband

We completely know the effect of covering the waistline of the high waist bikini’s bread, but they also help girls show off their sexy and sexy curves on the body. With round girls, this is your choice.