One exciting swimwear trend that started in 2017 continues to be a favourite is the white one-piece with bright red, green, yellow, green and pink stripes. While everyone thought 2018 would be the year that puts the fun back into bikini’s, it seems that the most exciting trends shifted more towards ruffles, leather braided straps, beading and belts.

Ruffles is another swimwear statement carried forward from previous seasons, although this year the ruffles go big. Swimwear is all about turning up the heat in 2018 and every style focus on outlining seductive silhouettes via cut-outs, ring details, intricate beading or dramatic metal eyelets. Most swim styles offer multi-purpose practicality, worn at the pool during the hot summer days are also perfect for sunset cocktail bars.

Keeping Fit & Living Healthy Pays Off in 2018

While the whole world focusses on healthy living, it is the 2018 swimwear trends that offer all fitness fanatics the perfect chance to show off their lean, toned bodies. Sporty leotards are a big hit this year in both solid or striped materials. The style is classic, although the belted sporty leotards show off healthy shapes and the sporty trend are here to stay as it is both eye-catching and well as super flattering.

While the one-piece swimwear seems to be the most popular choice, it is the crochet bikini’s that steals the spotlight. In 2018 the season colours are earthy with sand-colour being the trendiest and if you want to get all the attention at the beach wear a bikini that gives the impression it was hand-stitched at home.

Baywatch Influence Brings Red into the 2018 Swimwear Spotlight

You can wear any colour swimsuit in 2018, as long as it is red. Sounds familiar? Well, this year it seems that the colour worn by the hot beach babes in the television series enjoys even more popularity. Several designers now call the bright colour Baywatch red and everyone that is anyone is bound to add a red little swimsuit to their holiday wardrobe.

Earthy, Abstract, Baywatch Red and Striped, 2018 offers the Perfect Swimsuits for All

While stripes and reds are dominating the 2018 swimwear season, some of the top designers have created the hallmark of the runways. Abstract prints are seen on the runways and instead to stripes, the swimwear offers prints in warm sunset colours blended with desert colours. But as always there is still space to add a sweet romantic style into any season, and this year it is offered with shades of pink with details such as keyhole cut-outs, frills, ribbed textures, fine buttons and big ruffles.