As any woman will know, shopping for a bikini and bras can be an enjoyable experience due to all of the stylish ways you can dress up your bust. Although, women who were blessed with bugger breasts do not have the same luxury as their chest sizes create additional difficulties when shopping for the perfect top.

The Fold, an Aussie based swimwear label has two founders, Carly Warson and Stephanie Korn, bonded over their shared issues with shopping while having larger chests. The pair expressed their meeting as they were both relaxing on the beach, discussing to one another how unsupportive and unflattering their swimwear was. The bond became even deeper as the pair of women realised that they shared the same experience of being discouraged during their search of a swimsuit that was sexy, flatting, and had the support needed for their D-plus cup sizes. However, they realised the issue in near unison – many swimwear brands, as well as bra brands, are not providing the necessary sizes needed for women with large chests for one reason or another.

The Creation of their own Line

However, the pair decided to create their own swimwear line for women who share their cup sizes – Warson having 10E and Korn a 10DD – which came in a variety of sizes and ranges, including D-G cup sizes for both their bikinis and one-pieces. In addition to having a wider range of cup sizes, the swimwear came with underwire, fuller cups which prevents any bits from being exposed, and adjustable straps for comfort. After the release of their first collection, which sold out almost as soon as it launched, had an impressive waiting list of 1000 plus women.

Another impressive example of two women who are cashing in on making swimwear that is bigger breast friendly is Ms. Hill, who is a 30FF, and Ms. Hughes, who is a 32D. These two Brisbane based women created Lilly and Lime in 2016 and since then, has seen a continuous growth of a solid 100% since their opened two years ago. They too were frustrated by the lack of being able to find a properly fitting swimwear – which caused them to create their own swimwear line that met all of their needs in a stylish way.

Like the founders of The Fold, the pair expressed their disdain due to not being able to find their sizes in swimwear in a stylish way. They even envied their friends with smaller breasts as they seemed to have an easier time finding the swimsuit of their dreams.

Both of the self-created businesses expressed that aiming swimwear for larger cup girls is difficult due to having to design a larger cup size as well as ways to support the larger busts. Though, this is an eye-opener as to why many swimwear labels have avoided making their sizing range for versatile.