1. Maxi dress

Maxi dress is the ideal type of dress for a beach vacation, the gentle and smooth of maxi dress with the golden sunshine, white sand and romantic stretches will make you look like a princess. Moreover, with a soft fabric combined with maxi shape, it can be attractive with the flowery style, which always helps the image of the girls more gentle and feminine.

2. Shoulder later dress

Going to the beach, please give a little attention to the skin showed designs so that you still look sexy but not too much. Those kinds of dress will make you look delicate. Bragging the slender bare shoulders, the delicate dress and the bright white skin with those designs mixing with the sun and the sea breeze makes you look perfect when being on the beach.
3. Large shirt

You will be extremely surprised because of the flexibility and style of a baggy shirt design for your beach clothes set. Wearing the same three-hole shirt or T-shirt and shorts gives you a dynamic appearance. Turn shirts into a bikini outerwear, remember to tie up to create the active appearance, sexy and attractive outlook.
5. Kimono jacket

Just like baggy shirt, a kimono cardigan jacket is an incredibly romantic shirt for the beach trip. The design of chiffon fabric is cool, long and sleek with bikini, skirt … not hot or heavy, but on the contrary, it can avoid sunshine and create eye-catching appearance and stylish look for the set of beachwear.
6. Sandals

As an exclusive item for hot summer days, sandal remind us to think of romantic beach trips with golden sandy beaches and endless blue oceans. Not only perfect when combined with beachwear such as maxi, bikini, rush … with jeans, shorts, T-shirts, sandals and woven designs with countless textures and outstanding colors.They are always ready to create super beautiful “street style” sets for you this summer.