Although the COVID-19 crisis is making it harder than ever for all of us to really enjoy the beauty of summer while we are locked inside, we still can enjoy the comfort of swimming by tanning at home in the backyard, or even driving our own cars to a beach. If you are lucky enough to do these things, please check out these five sustainable swimwear brands to suit your summer.

Vitamin A, the United States

If you are looking for something made for the California sun, Vitamin A must be the brand of your choice. It combines feminine design with sustainable innovation. Their swimwear are made in California using plant-based and recycled fabrics, like EcoLux fabric, made from recycled nylon.

PA-NI Swimwear, India

If you are looking for a swimsuit for diverse body types, we suggest you should try PA-NI Swimwear, a socially conscious and sustainable brand of India, crafted to become the perfect fit for South Asian bodies. Each piece of its products, handmade by artisans in South India, is made from recycled polyamide responsibility sourced from Italy.

PCP Clothing, Greece

If you want to bring sexy back this summer, PCP Clothing is a great option. PCP Clothing is famous for their swimwear collection, with a wide range of styles made from Econyl® Recycled Polyamide, and packaged in recycled materials. It also provide leggings and towels to suit your active lifestyle.

TomboyX, the United States

If you want to stand up for human rights and freedom of identity and individuality, TomboyX is for you thanks to its collection of Tomboy style pieces that are Oeko-tex 100 certified, which means that their process is free from chemical use. With a passion for green production, TomboyX is a killer alternative to the sustainable swimwear market.

Londre, the United States

Another sustainable swimwear brand from the US is Londre. Its swimsuit contains 6 plastic bottles and their packaging is made from corn and recyclable materials.