In Pasadena, a swimwear designer home – Rob Beattie, is filled with a stunning courtyard display that main focal point is a stunning tree that many have guessed to b well over 200 years old. After passing through that masterpiece, you will soon stumble into the art of a living room that is encased in a glass wall while being surrounded with live oak at every spin. Though alongside the view of pure nature and bliss, you’ll still be able to get a view of the incredible Rose Bowl as well as the Arroyo Seco on the days that are sunny and perfect.

It’s an understatement to say that nature plays a huge part in creating a personality for the home, as it does with online betting sites like BettingTop10. Almost every room that is found on this 2,000 sqft home has at least one door and a window that will act as a passageway to the outdoors. Though to make this possible, Beattie created more than just one garden. Instead, he created a vineyard filled with patio areas, furniture, and an artful display of plants that are well-taken care of.

Nature and Design Go Hand-in-Hand

Beattie even said it himself that the nature and the design of the courtyard and smaller gardens truly does influence the home. Even going as far as to say it makes the layout of the home seem large in comparison. This project has been a long one filled with redesign and choices. Originally Beattie’s home only three bedrooms and didn’t have a stunning garden when he first moved in 16 years ago. Although through the careful process of planting and adding new scenery, his home has grown to the magnificence it is. He frequently visits places such as the botanical gardens in San Marino as well as Lotusland in Montecito for the inspiration of how to tweak the garden at home.

Though Beattie can confidently say that the work on his home was created by him as the land was vacant and deserted for over a year by the time Beattie discovered it and transformed it. He described the home as being a canvas that needed to be repaint due to the original homeowners not doing any restoration work on it and letting it become overgrown naturally.

Beattie said that his inspiration has come from his upbringing in Eagle Rock. The Pasadena based swimwear designer had summarised his aesthetic in three words: clean, simplistic, and as uncomplicated as possible. Despite finding inspiration the gardens, he often finds random inspiration while driving on the roads and viewing the natural scenery – especially when he is in Brazil or somewhere in Europe where he is working on a new collection.

As Beattie said himself – design can be shown through architecture as well as fashion. This is seen through him changing the internal design in his home to match the beauty of the external display surrounding his home. A simple view of Beattie’s home will reveal that he takes his words to heart and has strived to create a stunning display that makes him feel at home no matter where he is in his garden or inside his house.