Beach hat  is an indispensable item for girls to come to the sea. Where to buy beautiful beach hats is something that any girl cares about. Let’s find out in the following article.

1. Types of popular beach hats today
Now there are many different types of beach hats, giving her a different style. Some popular beach hats can be mentioned as:

Wide Hat

This is considered the classic hat used by many girls for many years. And especially, it is always a hot hat, usually never go out of fashion. It works very well for shading because there are very wide rims and a sophisticated and modern design. In winter, hats are usually made of felt material to create a warm and summer feeling made from sedge or fabric to create a feeling of ventilation and cool.

A cap

This type of hat is extremely suitable for girls who are active and dynamic. The hat needs to have the size that fits the head, can help you to avoid the sun. Moreover, this kind of hat helps the girls to comfortably create their own style.

Hat with short brim

This type of hat is suitable for everyone, especially for girls who love lightness and charm. Bring to the girls the most cute and pure outlook.
To buy a nice and suitable beach cap, you need to pay attention to a few basic factors:

Pay attention to when to go to the beach: You can go to the beach during the seasons.
The peak is in Summer. In the hot summer, you can buy big brimmed hats and in the winter you can buy small brim hats.
Choose to buy a beach hat suitable with the shape of your face: People with large, round face regularly can use big brimmed hat. With a small, thin face, use a large hat.