This is a popular type of swimming goggles and often the most comfortable type of swimming goggles for many people, especially newbies. This type of glasses has a full range of colors for frames, lenses ranging from light to dark, from transparent to mirrored. Prices range from extremely cheap to expensive ones such as mirror-coated sunglasses or polarized sunglasses

Polarized lenses are the same as regular sunglasses, but the inside is fitted with a filter that prevents horizontal polarized light from reflecting from the surface such as lakes, the sea. These horizontally polarized light rays, once blocked, will not cause discomfort to the eyes and the image will not be smudged.

This type of swimming goggles can be easily worn for long periods of time because of the large layer of cushioning that can withstand the water inside and outside the pool (river, lake, sea). Comfortable and easy to adjust size are the salient features of this type of swimming goggles.

Type II: Swimming/Competition Goggles

This type of swimming goggles has a rounder and larger lenses than Type I, with better visibility by the two transparent lenses. The gasket around the glasses is smaller than Type I but still enough to prevent water from getting into the eyes. This type when worn also looks smaller than Type I. The price of competition goggles falls in the mid to high range. The color of the lenses is also in the form of Type I. Competitive swimming glasses with mirrored lenses are quite popular, used by swimmers.

The bridge over the nose is always adjustable. The swimming goggles have a good quality that can withstand water, providing a comfortable feeling to use during long training sessions.

Type III: Swedish Goggles

The classic swimming goggles are sometimes referred to as competition swimming goggles, although the popular swimming goggles used in competitions are still Type II. The reason for this is because the Swedish Swimming Goggles have no gaskets around the glasses.