A suitable swimming goggles is essential for every swimmer. Let’s continue to find out how to choose a good one!

The lenses and frames are made up of just a piece of hard plastic, which looks quite small to wear. This hard plastic pad is directly against the skin. This is the smallest type of swimming goggles, the most oblong shape.

Swedish swimming goggles require users to assemble and adjust the wires themselves. They are only sold in a single size. It can take a while to get used to the glasses, but once you get used to the glasses and adjust them to fit properly, they are very effective, giving you the ability to observe without any other swimming goggles. comparable.

Some people use these glasses for marathon swimming. When swimming in a sea or lake, the hard plastic part of the glass can hurt the wearer. However, when used in the sea and lakes, the water resistance of this glass is not very good.

The distance between the two glasses can be adjusted simply by a cord or a piece of silicon, a piece of strap of swimming glasses. Despite its surprisingly effective use, as well as its high popularity, the cost of this swim goggles falls into one of the lowest prices. This type of glasses has the longest life span because the strap and the two-glasses cord can easily be purchased and replaced at low cost. This type of glasses can sometimes be customized by changing the type of strap, the length or material of the cord that connects the two lenses. Swedish swimming goggles are often favored by swimmers.

TYPE IV: Diving masks

This is a less used type of swimming goggles. This type of swimming goggles comes with a nose cover. This is the largest and heaviest type of glass.