1. Swimwear designs:

If you want to have a sense of security, you can choose to buy a bikini with a seamless shirt, fixed over your shoulder. If you want to change the shirt line, you can choose the swimsuit that the shirt line can be easily separated. For the girls who do not like showing the skin too much, tankini is a perfect choice. If you own a beautiful body, don’t be afraid! Feel free to choose a bikini that can show off your body curves skillfully. Surely you will become extremely eye-catching.

2. Size of swimwear:
Many people believe that wearing a tight swimsuits is more likely to hold the body and show off the curve. That is completely wrong thinking. Too tight swimwear will make the area covered with squash and thereby cause inflammatory diseases, itchy fungus. This is extremely harmful for the private area, which is always wet, always needing ventilation.

3. Quality of swimwear:

A good swimsuit needs to be made of elastic material, not absorbing and holding water. They also do not cause the body to be rubbed against the cloth to damage the skin. You also need to check the seam of the swimwear, the seam must be carefully made. A high quality swimsuit is sewn with 2 stitches or zigzag-style stitching.

4. UV protection level:
Swimwear in particular, or clothing in general, uses Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). This is an anti-ultraviolet factor, which is becoming a trend favored by many consumers. UPF is effective against both UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. The higher the UPF, the better the ability to block the sunlight.

You should choose a swimsuit with UPF 50 or greater. They will allow for less than 2% of light to go through. So your skin will be better protected when swimming. Choosing a good swimsuit will allow you to swim freely and comfortably.