Surely everyone knows the existence of paddle fin because they appear too often in both swimming and diving, however, how to choose for themselves a satisfactory paddle fin and suitable for use are very difficult. Therefore, the following article will provide you with some information about the paddle fin to help you choose a pleasant paddle fin.
1. Types of paddle fin
Currently there are 2 basic types of paddle fin: full foot paddle fin and open heels paddle fins

Full-foot paddle fins are used like shoes, only one size per person and size based on standard size.

Open-heel paddle fin have sizes: S, M, L, XL thanks to adjusting the foot size behind the heels. Open-toe paddle fin and diving shoes are often used together to match the size.

2. Main features for choosing paddle fin

There are three main characteristics to consider when choosing paddle fins that is pleasing, affordable and in demand, that is: material, design and function of the paddle fin.

In terms of material, the paddle fin is usually made of rubber, synthetic leather (PU – polyurethane), thermoplastic (thermoplastic) and many other types of plastic composites. Depending on the intended use and design, the manufacturer will use different types of materials, while also combining these materials to multitask the function for the paddle fin.

In terms of design, any design is not really important because you are comfortable when wearing a suitable pair of paddle fin. There are many different paddle fin designs in different colors, different blade lengths, blade shapes … for easy selection.

In terms of function, depending on the needs, the individual’s condition that selects the paddle fin with the inherent function: hard, long blade paddle fin will push the water further but must use more force, vice versa, paddle fin having a soft blade will use less force to push water but not far away.