If you are not an expert swimmer, it can be a little hard sometimes to pick the right swimming goggles for you. You cannot just go into a sporting goods store and choose ones that look cool or are the best price. You have to choose the right goggles for you in order to make your swim a pleasant experience basically meaning allowing you to see underwater. Here are a few tips when choosing swimming goggles.

• Make sure the goggles are quality ones and will be good when you while in the water.

• Make sure the lenses are comfortable ones, and you can push them on your eye sockets with the straps off to see if they are comfy. This is key, especially for longer times in the water, as if they are not comfortable your swim will be either. If the lenses have padded gaskets made of foam rubber or silicone they will tend to not only be more comfortable but fit better as well. Make sure that the nose bridge of the goggles are comfortable as well.

• Press the lenses with more pressure on your eye sockets and then let them go. They should stick for at least a couple of seconds. This is even if the straps are off, as suction on your face is key, as the better the suction, the less water will get in your goggles. If the goggles feel lose on your face, do you think they will keep the water out and be a snug fit? No way. The goggles have to be a little tight, but not tight enough to feel uncomfortable.

• Now if the lenses are good and somewhat tight and the suction is good now put the straps on. Are they still comfortable? Make sure that the lenses do not have too much suction around your eyes or if you need to tighten the straps too quickly.

• See if the straps are easily adjustable and they will not come off of the goggles easily. If you do not check these things, you will be taking time to adjust your goggles in the water when you should be swimming in it.

• See what shade of lenses you want. Do you want a lighter shade or a dark one? This will depend on where you are swimming and your preferences. However, swimming outside is when darker lenses are useful, as they are like a pair of sunglasses, but in the water.

• Do the goggles have anti-fog coating? Goggles that have anti-fog coating do not have to be de-fogged as often and getting the fog off goggles when swimming can be an annoying thing to have to do.

• Pick the size and shapes of the goggles that you want. You should be aware that the larger the goggles are, the more likely they are to slip around on your face. So if you are using them off the starting blocks or do flip turns often the smaller goggles can be a better choice.