Everything starts with bras. Which may sound intense, but it’s true. Therefore, Miraclesuit is introducing a new line of swimwear tops that combines high-quality, fitting, and stylish swimwear that will perfectly benefit you and your summer needs. While it may be easier to choose the swimsuit that’s in a convenience store, it’ll be worthless if you are looking your quality, style, and durability. It’s almost a summer rule that we owe it to ourselves to sport a cute swimsuit that is going to flatter and fit you in all the right places. Since its rare that we’re dressed in such little material – why not make it the best experience possible.

This was the reasoning behind Miraclesuit new expansion collection. While they are still going to continue all the popular swimwear lines for the current season – the company decided to add a bit more to be more inclusive to all women. From the swimsuits with shapewear and bras built in – the newest expansion will incorporate what you loved most. So, check out Miraclesuit new line and see if one of their new suits will be perfect for your summer vacation aesthetic!

Brand New Bra-Sized Swimwear Options

Finally, in the company’s history, they are releasing new bra-sized bikini and tankinis in more sizes. The band range will range between 34-40, and now cup sizes from D-DDD will be included. The bottom pieces of the swimwear contain the same iconic shaping capabilities that made Miraclesuit so popular in the first place. They are also going to be offered in solid classic colours and cool and unique prints.

Though, other brands are hopping on the new collection opening as well. The beloved and popular bra-sized brand Freya is releasing their new collection called macramé. One prominent swimsuit buyer and reviewer, Megan Puma, has expressed her delight and optimism with the new collection. The highly anticipated monokiki will come in two colours: black and cobalt.

New Plus-Sizes Swimwear is More Stunning Than Before

The bigger girls want to wear cute swimsuits as well. They’re in luck because Magicsuit has expanded their swimsuit sizes range to accommodate girls who are sized 16-24. These sizes will be included in the underwire tankinis in the most popular styles offered such as the artistic Taylor and Jolene. Along with the chic mesh and zip-top style Kyle, and the stylish romper style Bianca, along with many more. It shows that Magicsuit is trying to become more inclusive as all women can feel happy, confident, and sexy during the warmer months. Another with the new sized swimsuits, cover-ups will be included as well in these sizes.

Another brand that’s trying to become more size inclusive is Bare Necessities. This company is releasing a new collection filled with an array of trendy and tropical floral designs that all women will fall for. This new collection will be available in sizes 14-24 and is going to be released with an amazing two-for-one sale.