Beach season has come back again to pick up again the heat that is finally dying down. It is an exciting time to hit the water and to find the swimwear to make you feel and look best during the sunshine hours.

Donna Benton, an Aussie in town who grew up on the beach, has brought her creative eye to Dubai and gave birth to new go-to beach-ready brand Caha Capo. Inspired by the most glamorous beach destinations and a deep love of travel, she wants you to feel good when hitting the sunbed. So her brand name Caha Capo stands for CAring, HAppy, CAsual, and POsitive.

Donna Benton believes that swimwear confidence comes from the fit and she has done a lot of research and decide to chose a sustainable Italian fabric for her internationally renowned team to piece them together into functional and comfortable must-haves, which are perfects for your next days out in the sun.

Caha Capo’s debut collection features flattering swimsuits, mix and match bikinis, resort wear and accessories in 11 bespoke colorways such as tan-enhancing coral or classic navy.

The core swimwear collection is split into two distinct categories: fashion and essentials, offering a wide range of styles, supporting for every body type, from  a triangle style in a fashion-forward print to a classic one-piece from the essential line.

To make you feel even more flexible, bikinis are sold either as a set or separates to mix and match sizes.

You should also have a look out for the signature styles, including the Aidy, Cherie Set, or the Donna One Piece balancing a supportive structure with uber flattering cut-out detailing. The Cherie bottoms provide a classic tie-side option, ready to be adjusted for your perfect fit while the Aidy top is a bandeau style with a V-wire offering the ultimate in versatile bikini tops.

All the products are available online now.