When you pick a swimsuit, you want one that highlights your best parts and takes away from your less than best parts. That is putting it bluntly, but it is pretty basic, as no matter what body type you have there is a swimsuit that will look great on you. Summer is around the corner and it is never too early to start looking for the right swimsuit for you. Mind you, no matter what body type you have the best swimsuit is the one that you feel comfortable in. Still, a few tips on finding the best one to accentuate your body never hurts and here are a few of them for various body types.

A Smaller Bust

If you have a small bust there are several things you can do to avert from that in a stunning swimsuit. You can check out the many suits that have cups that are distinctive and there are also many that have padded cups. Also, the fit look is in so many swimsuits can look good no matter if they are a one piece or a two piece.

A Little Tummy

If you have a little bit of a tummy, who doesn’t, then there are swimsuits that can still look great on you such as those with a high waist. A high waist bikini bottom riding over the tummy shows some skin, but still look great taking away attention to the abdomen. One piece suits are also a good choice if you have a little tummy and there are many sleek and sexy ones that can accentuate what you do have.

The Petite

If you are smaller in stature than a bright swimsuit with things such as vertical lines are always an eye-catcher. Vertical lines and other designs, rather than straight colours, can give the appearance of length. One piece swimsuits that have lines are a great choice if you are petite and still want to make a splash in your swimsuit!

Straighter Body

If you have a straight body and want to throw some curves into the mix than a swimsuit that has things such as cut out and prints can do the trick. Cut out and wilder prints can trick the eyes and that can help enhance the figure you have.

Larger Thighs

If you have larger thighs than a great choice is a bikini that has a higher cut and has a top with a wilder print. This will make the eye head to the top of the swimsuit rather than the bottom.

Plus Size

If you are a plus size woman there are still a lot of great options when it comes to an attractive swimsuit. One that has a neckline that is detailed can be a good option as well as prints on it. A suit like this will take the focus away from the midsection of your body. One piece suits are usually avoided if you are a plus size, but if you are fit and happy with what you have, show it!