2. Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0 Adult Swim Goggle – by Aqua Sphere

Offering an extensive field of vision as well as coming without middle nosepiece to fiddle with, this model should be the best pick for beginners. It is comfortable, fits well, as well as having an anti-fog coating. When you become more experienced, it is possible to advance to one pair with one adjustable nosepiece. Unlike many goggles with suction around the eyes, this unit sits outside the socket of the eye, which may be far more pleasant for newbies.

3. Speedo Sprint Swim Goggle – by Speedo

While experts often prefer goggles that have silicone gaskets (i.e., the cushion that surrounds the lenses) for enhanced suction, many experienced users suggest that new swimmers give one pair with softer foam gaskets a try. You can rely on the Speedo Sprint model for your early swimming years. You may like it as it is soft, and it does not hurt your eyes.

4. ROKA X1 Anti-Fog Low-Drag Large Swim Goggles for Men and Women – by ROKA

Do you swim five days weekly or so? Have you tried many swim goggles out there with a fail? Then, count on the Roka X1. It has wide eye cups for your scope of vision to be bigger, and it has the one-piece construction so that there will be no leaking. You can wear it swimming indoors and in open water. 

5. Barracuda Swim Goggle Fenix – Patented TriFushion System, Anti-Fog UV Protection, Easy Adjusting Quick-Fit, Lightweight Comfortable No Leaking, Competition for Adults Men Women #72755 – by Barracuda

You know, Barracuda goggles are considered the most comfortable. You can use them for all your aquatic activities. This model has one three-layer design with more rigid plastic on its outer layer for holding the goggles’ shape.