It seems the 2018 trend is created for those wishing to banish their bikinis since they are ready to jump headfirst into the latest one-piece designs. The new flattering creations from top designers allow everyone to step into the sun as their colourless tummies that haven’t been in the sun for the past three seasons won’t matter anymore.

The latest swimwear niche also removes the worries that your friend might snap you from the wrong or a bad angel since the latest designs leave no room for bad angles. What is indeed your summer’s best wardrobe friend, the belted swimsuit, ready to flatter any shape no matter age. The great news is that this new complimentary swimwear style might stick around for years to come.

There is simply nothing about the new swimsuit style that is not flattering, the optical illusions, waist clinch gives everyone an hourglass shape no matter their natural physique. This summer beachgoers might have a difficult task to decide on only one swimsuit since the range is simply gorgeous.

2018’s Hot Swimsuit Favourites

The hot favourites for 2018 include a light or dark grey, one-piece swimsuit in ribbed stretch-knit with multi-colour striped belts featuring round buckles. Apart from striped and solids, the colour red is another 2018 swim season favourite particularly in the new solitaire seersucker swimsuit completed by the same colour belt.
A mixture of leather straps combined with printed belted swimsuits are bound to get the attraction of the crowd, and in this style, the black and white are the most striking.
Mustard is another hot colour this summer, and the Victorian style featuring a low V-cut is particularly popular while the white and mustard belt offers stylish brightness to a day on the beach.

If your swimsuit needs to multitask as a visually striking day next to the pool attire and still glitter into the night while sipping on a fruity cocktail, then the metallic belted suit is just what you need. The belted seersucker style is perfect for anyone who prefers to stay out of the limelight, while the high-leg swimsuit is great for anyone loving a sportier look. The new belted swim suite range also includes sensational off-the-shoulder swimsuits, with lines complementing any body shape.

The one-piece design is here to stay, and some of the trendiest are the suits featuring lace, D-rings connecting the front and back-end while the novel wrap, designed to hide the midsection, a great solution when you not in the mood for the exposure of a bikini. Designers feel that with more material they have more room to play and the bright striped one-piece already started taking over in the 2017 summer season.