Like every other outfit, women’s swimwear is also a costume that ladies need to have their own secrets when choosing, preparing for a summer vacation.
We would like to introduce you the secret of choosing the best swimwear for women.

1. The most important secret, love your body

A female swimsuit is only beautiful when it really suits the body shape of the wearer. Do not follow the latest fashion trends because each style usually fits only with a certain body shape.

Remember, swimwear is responsible for beauty, not denouncing your body defects.
2. Try before you buy

To make sure the outfit fits you, try before you buy. Women’s swimsuits can help you to feel comfort, confidence and, above all, your pleasure in sunny summer days.
3. Colors are as important as styles

Consider carefully the color of the women’s swimwear before paying for them and how the colors of the swimwear can affect your skin tone.
If you want a slim appearance, choose the dark design.On the other hand, to have an eye-catching appearance, you can completely choose for yourself a colorful swimsuit.

4. Know the pros and cons of every female swimwear

One-piece swimsuit can make your waist look smaller, you can choose designs with no vignette waist, dark colors like black, navy blue, purple charcoal, …
High-waisted trunks can do the same thing, your waist will look smaller with high-waisted design: no textures, dark colors.

In contrast, tankini – a great combination of tank top and bikini is a good choice for ladies with attractive waistlines. If you love your waistline but don’t want to be noticed on your chest and hips, tankini is the best choice.
The form of boyshorts will make your hips look bigger, stay away from it if you have a pear-shaped body (small chest, big hips).

In contrast, for ladies with narrow hips, or simply wanting their hips to look bigger, boyshorts are a smart choice