As we know, swimming pools always have a certain amount of detergent to clean the water in water (this content is more or less depending on the pool). In rivers, lakes or seas, water usually contains a certain amount of bacteria (both beneficial). Therefore, in addition to protecting the head, it is also necessary to avoid the negative effects of the water environment on the hair and scalp during swimming. And the swimming cap is definitely an effective tool to help you comfortably swim without worrying about problems such as damaged hair, or irritated scalp.

Recently, a lot of customers asked us how to choose a good swimming cap? or “When choosing a swim cap, what should be noted?” In this article, let’s check out the answers!

On the market today, there are many types of swim caps with a variety of designs, colors, designs and materials. But in general, those types will be divided into four main categories including plain slipper caps, lumpy swim caps, large swim caps and cloth swim caps. And each is suitable for some customers with certain needs and preferences

Swimming hats are usually slippery

Plain swimming hats are made entirely of silicon material. This type of hat is best suited for use by people with small and medium heads. Regarding decorative designs, swimming caps are usually slippery with the following types including one-color swim caps (plain swim caps), child-patterned swim caps and adult-pattern swim caps. A variety of patterns in textures that are suitable for the needs of people of all ages. A small disadvantage of swimming caps is often slippery, as it cannot capture ears. If you do not want water in your ear, you can use more ear plugs to swim most comfortably.