In the tips for choosing P1 swimsuits, HS swimsuits will suggest some tips, help you choose the perfect swimsuit.

– If you want to hide the waist, choose a one-piece swimsuit. Tailoring in the abdomen in the abdomen or fabrics with dark colors, the same color will cover your shortcomings.

– The tankini pattern will accentuate your waist. Because it will attract other people’s eyes to the skin you show off. If you love the waist but don’t like the hips or the chest, you should choose this one.

– Tom boy style swimwear makes your hips look wider, regardless of color. If you have a large chest and hips like an hourglass, choose this swimsuit. However, be aware that this style may not be comfortable for some women. So make sure of the match before you buy anything.

– High cut bottom bikinis make your legs look longer. If you are short, or have a long body, this is a good choice for you.

– The type of triangle swimsuit will attract your chest and buttocks attention.

– The bikini with the front part of the chest draws a look on your chest. Helps bring your breasts close together, making it look bigger. So if you have small breasts and want it to look bigger then you should choose this one. 

-The swimsuit with the same shape as the tube will make your chest look wider. If you have a pear-shaped body but want to imitate people who are shaped like hourglass, you should choose a fluffy shirt or pattern.

-For those of you with big breasts, choose a swimsuit that comes with a frame and cup your chest so you don’t feel uncomfortable when swimming or moving. Don’t choose swimwears that are ruffled or have too many motifs