Have you ever wondered why the eyes become red as well as being irritated after you open them when being at the pool? People used to think that the chlorine was the culprit behind such redness and irritation. Instead, the root cause is the compound which forms as chlorine works to react with the pool’s contaminants – it is called chloramine. It would be best if you protected the eyes while swimming not only to decrease irritation and redness but also to help keep them healthy. Below are some of the best ways of keeping the eyes safe and healthy while swimming:


One of the simple solutions to save your eyes is purchase wearing properly fitting swim goggles. They create one barrier from every pool chemical as well as keeping it from reaching the eyes and leading to irritation. Your glasses must be your best fit so that you will not have any water come in while swimming, as it defeats the goggles’ purpose in the first place. For the other upside of wearing glasses while you are swimming, they help you stay away from hazards such as the pool edge, as well as other swimmers flailing limbs!


When you are done swimming at the pool and are showering, remember to rinse out the eyes. One of the best ways is closing the eyes and allowing the cool water to run down them, yet if it is overly cold to do during the shower, you can do so in the sink. Wash the eyes immediately after you exit the pool for getting the chemicals and chlorine off of the eyelashes and eyelids. It will also keep you from irritating the eyes as you can rub them and introduce the substances. Keep that in mind!