1. Hoaka swimwear

Elisabeth Rioux started out with the Hoaka swimwear brand when she was only 20 years old, and Elisabeth Rioux has been successful since birth. Instagram models have turned the business into closing the gap in the swimwear segment and creating dynamic, durable and cute bikinis.

Hoaka Swimwear has a number of attractive geometric designs, and feedback from real customers about Hooke’s products. It ships across the globe, so it’s easy to own a Hoaka-branded bikini.

Hoaka swimwear

2. To Dive For Swimwear 

To Dive For is a UK-based brand, and has been present everywhere in the world. These are luxurious swimwear designs for swimming and diving. From strapless bikinis, one-string bikinis to specialized diving suits, the brand is inspired by “Ocean Adventure”, and the design of an elegant, stylish and comfortable swimwear.

To Dive For

3. Kopper and Zink swimwear

Sally Burgess – an Australian designer has started this brand to satisfy her burning desire to combine beach lifestyle with instinctive fashion. The design of the bikini is the stylization of the piece of knitting rope, both sharp and daring to highlight the female figure while at the same time waterproof and fashionable.

Kopper and Zink

4. Khassani swimwear


Khassani swimwear was developed by co-founders Mathilde and Pauline Khassani based on their love of tourism, water, and beaches. Its collection is minimal, sophisticated, and sometimes a mixture of both. Small details make a big difference to each product.

If you’re looking for bikinis that have a new section for your next vacation, check out this brand’s products.

5. Love Stories swimwear

Love Stories

Love Stories is a Dutch brand founded by Marloes Hoedeman that specializes in providing double items, family uniforms. The designs combine colors, fabrics, and seams to create elegance, softness and smoothness.

After that, Love Stories began producing swimsuits to take beachwear to a new level. Its retail network is currently available in 28 countries, so it will be easy to buy a Love Stories bikini.