Summer is synonymous with sea travel, sunshine and blue sea. For girls, choosing a suitable bathing suit and fashion is essential. The following Toplist would like to share the top 10 most famous swimsuit brands in the world today.


ELLE – The Parisian’s Lifestyle is a well-known French brand and swimsuit and bikini lines are officially distributed at Pandemos Lingerie Vietnam. ELLE Lingerie launched bathing products based on three French women’s fashion criteria: delicate, confident and dynamic. The sophistication of ELLE is shown through simple lace, pleated, or plain fabric designs along with white, leather and black colors, so that it can be easily coordinated with business shirts, one way delicate.


The confidence of ELLE is shown through gentle lifting design and the material and frames are selected according to the strict standards of France, making her feel comfortable, not confined and upholding the full circle.


Marysia is the owner of most of the clamshell-inspired swimsuit you see on social networks. Founded by Polish designer Maria Dobrzanska Reeves, the brand is 6 years old so far. Marysia made a striking impression on her with a swimsuit outfit designed by Reeves. In order to best serve the customers and satisfy the wearer, Marysia cares very much from the material to the style to ensure that important positions will always be protected from the sun.


The Prism brand started out as a brand of eyeglasses and accessories, but the brand quickly captured the trend and expanded its business in handbags, shoes and bathing suits. Founded in 2009 by former fashion model and editor Londoner Anna Laub, Prism offers a sophisticated look with optimal functionality but equally stylish. All products of the company come from Europe and bring top quality.