Matteau Swim

This is a product from the land of Kangaroo, Ilona Hamer and her sister Peta Heinsen in just one year brought the brand of Matteau Swim to a new height, creating a big buzz for this brand. Currently this brand is famous all over the world and has been available in Vietnam market. Matteau Swim features sharp and delicate cutting details and quality fabrics. Each set of bathing suits embellishes the body shape by the hugely attractive three-ring design.


Camp Cove Swim

Camp Cove Swim is based in Sydney’s western suburbs, the company offers an attractive and sexy look from the details of the 70s, with vibrant rose colors, impressive brown bricks and motifs Designed specifically for summer. Produced right in the city of New South Wales, make sure you own a Camp Cove Swin swimsuit, you will be extremely outstanding.


All fabric samples are printed in Sydney and are used from environmentally friendly recycled fabrics. The print version is 100% exclusive for the brand. Each bathing suit is a work of love, careful construction and inspection to ensure a great fit and quality workmanship.



Alumni of Saint Laurent – Nicole Banning created their own bathing brand called Ephemera while living in Paris. Later Nicole continued her fashion brand with innovative designs on high-end swimsuit and fabric material.

Brand is expressed through a quick cut, evoking the characteristic inherent in each outfit: compact and simple. Ephemera uses the highest quality Italian lycra and focuses on cutting, fitting and finishing. 2015 was awarded the Best Prix de Marie Claire for Best Swimwear Brand.


The high-end swimsuit series introduced by Toplist will bring outstanding beauty to the weaker sex when appearing at the beach or swimming pool. Hopefully our top 10 will help you choose brands in the coming summer.