Just like most shopping, when it comes to swimwear, we happen to go towards styles and looks that we are familiar with. This can even extend to mainly shopping at a brand that you prefer over any other. Though this could cause you to begin a repetitive habit of only shopping this style/brand for many summers to come. Though as many things are changing in 2018 – we have a list of the five newest trends that are making waves this year. No matter how innovative the colours and prints or, we’re sure that one of these styles are going to fit your and your personal aesthetic! So, give one of these styles a try before this summer season ends.

Sporty Swimwear

While sports swimwear has been around since 2017 due to the comfortable fit on the swimsuit as well as the unique patterns that can be sported, an updated look was gifted to the swimwear in 2018. That update brings colour-blocking – which simply creates a reversible weaving design where two differing hues, which are usually composed of varying shades of blue and green have been the preferred colour choice for spring. Though no matter what colours you choose, sporting a cute and athletic look like summer is going to be interesting.


It’s easy to feel like a piece of art while wearing an abstract swimsuit. This season, the most popular look seems to be warm desert colours which have been seen on countless runways and while sunbathing on the sand. Though if this is not up your alley, going for a striped look instead might be a better suit.

Washed Out Minimalist Swimwear

Black is white is everything but boring. This timeless colour combination has been used more in this year’s swimwear collections alone with a strong hint of minimalisms which fits the look perfectly. The combination of simplistic prints and styles eth the colour combination has created countless of incredible looks for the runway. This is especially helpful as while the colours are simple, the body of the swimsuit is unique as the neckline can be alerted, there could be additional straps included, as well as the choice of having ribbed textures.

Bold Tropical

This trend began to form the growing popularity of the palm look which always seem to come back yearly in even stronger waves.2018 has proved that this swimsuit can make a big comeback due to the newly seen combination of the off-the-shoulder body and higher intensity of the colours.


It is undeniable that the sweet style has always been popular. Though, in 2018 its been noted that varying hues that can remind anyone of valentine’s day has become a popular look. Women are flocking to buy new suits in shades of red, pinks, and light purple. The feminine colour choice is accompanied by feminine details on the swimsuit, such as delicate buttons, and keyhole cut-outs.