Even thinking about choosing what swimsuit style and colour you want to sport during the upcoming summer season is a daunting task that many of us rather ignore. From the plethora of online guides and in-store help, it always seems to come back to that annoying equation: finding your perfect swimwear equals something having to do that relates back to your body type and size. Which can make this process, which should be fun an entertaining, even harder as they dissuade you from even buying a swimsuit style that you had your eye on for months if you don’t have that prized and often sought out for summer body.

You want to know what you should follow instead of all those “professional guidelines”, we say that you should ignore those guidelines that limit what swimsuits you should wear based on your body type. As soon as you develop this attitude, you’ll start choosing what swimsuit is right for you and hat makes you feel confident in yourself.

Recent Changes to Colours,Style and Size

In the last few years, the swimwear market has begun to expand its catering to all shapes and sizes slowly. From expanding their sizes, colours, and styles for people or are bigger or smaller; more support is arising to assure that you will be able to wear exactly what you want.

Though, there is one swimsuit rule you must follow no matter what. The fit. No matter what style or colour you choose to rock, you must make sure that your swimsuit is able to fit. No matter how cute and how durable your swimsuit may be – it’s pretty much no good if it doesn’t fit you properly. Other than fitting you uncomfortably, an ill-fitting swimsuit is going to make you feel more self-conscious throughout the summer season – and that’s one hell that no one wants to go through.

The rule of thumb is that if you order online, you should you always try the swimsuit on before 100% deciding if you are going to keep it. Which means keeping the tags and other extra parts on. The best way to do a proper swimsuit check is to do a few star jumps before practising your beachside poses to get a general feel of the swimsuit. Never forget to hold it up to the light to keep if the material is to thin or transparent – unless you’re looking for a sexy and risqué swimsuit, and if so, rock it.

It is undeniable, not many of us can get away with wearing one of those perfect straight up swimsuits. As many of us will need different sizes for our tops and bottoms, which is why it can be a blessing that certain sites sell their two pieces separately. Mixing and matching to your heart’s fulfilment is one way to assure you that you’ll be able to design your perfect swimsuit combination.

High-Cut Swimsuit and the Joy it can Bring

About five years ago, high-cut swimsuits were one of the most popularised swimsuit styles. Whether you were seeing it in high fashion swimsuit magazines, on the beach, or even on your favourite shows, it seemed like you couldn’t get away from seeing this kind of swimsuit. Back in those days, we were sporting that iconic low-strung bikini bottoms, which was the beginning of the painful ear of Brazilian waxes and the highly controversial, and still issue today, the size 0 and even the size 00. These small sizes led to many women developing an unhealthy obsession to have that perfectly small figure to strut on the beach.

Though we finally stopped mocking that colourful leotard that Jane Fonda sported during her 1982 work-out videos, which were amazing, nowadays we aren’t laughing anymore. This summer, one of the most popular styles of swimwear is the high-cut swimsuits which featured that beloved Baywatch reminiscent body which is placed right above the hip. This throwback style has been popularised by the looks of the stunning Emily Ratajkowski, the gorgeous Bella Hadid, and the iconic Selena Gomez.

Since the start of 2016 and continuing, a new beach body image has been spreading: curves need to be accentuated, never hidden, and proudly shown without hesitation. An array of brands such as Bossa and Triangl are beginning to market their swimwear to all sizes, and the high-quality is going to assure everyone that they’ll last all summer.